Preventing Overuse Injuries

Musculoskeletal overuse injuries are fairly common, which athletes and others can develop at any age. Athletes, for example, get injuries frequently because they overuse their bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Even if you are not a sportsperson, you can develop overuse injuries from everyday chores or activities, such as gardening. When you perform an action repeatedly, it can affect the bones, muscles, joints, and tendons that help perform that action.

Overuse injuries are usually a result of too much exercise. Even if you are a seasoned exerciser, you can still get injuries if you don’t give your body enough time to recover.

The musculoskeletal system is composed of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Macrotrauma injuries are almost always the result of a traumatic event. They include joint dislocation and ankle sprain. Microtrauma injuries are usually the result of overuse of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They may result in minor tears in the fibers of the muscles and cause pain, discomfort, and tenderness in the affected area. Overuse injuries are usually microtrauma injuries. Common overuse injuries include Achilles tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, Jumper’s knee, little league elbow, runner’s knee, and tennis elbow.


If you experience pain and discomfort immediately after or within hours of performing an activity, you may be suffering from overuse injuries.

You may also experience pain while performing an activity. This pain will eventually get better and may or may not prevent movement. Constant pain that affects movement may also be a symptom of overuse injury.

Overuse injuries need time to heal. Otherwise, they may get worse and result in serious injuries such as fractures, ruptured tendons, or ligaments.

Causes of overuse injuries

such asExercise helps strengthen the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments by helping the breakdown and growth of new tissues. Overuse injuries occur when tissues break down faster than they can rebuild.

When you engage in an intense physical activity for too long and too often, your body does not get enough time to rebuild the tissue. Any sudden increase in your activity level can cause overuse injuries. If you’re a walker, dancer, or runner, even changing your shoes can cause overuse injuries.

Most overuse injuries can be prevented. Here are some tips.

  • Stop the activity as soon as you start feeling the pain.
  • Get advice from a certified fitness trainer.
  • Vary your activities and exercise routines to build overall fitness levels
  • Do not increase the duration or intensity of your exercise all of a sudden.
  • Before starting a new exercise program, consult a sports medicine practitioner. This is particularly important if you have had overuse injuries in the past.
  • Make sure that your body gets rest for at least two days per week.
  • Use equipment of the right size.
  • Resting the injured tendon, muscle, or ligament until it recovers is the most effective way to treat overuse injuries. Also, reduce the duration and intensity of the activity.

With a little precaution, you can avoid injuries.

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